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Our study participants are canine and feline companion animals, residing in the Triangle area, who come visit us for a day of games, treats, and fun! We welcome all breeds, ages, sizes, and colors of companions to participate in our studies.

Read on to learn about upcoming events, currently recruiting studies, and ways to get involved with the Thinking Pets Program!

If your furry friend is not eligible for any current studies, complete our enrollment form to be notified of future studies they may qualify for!

The Thinking Pets Den

Interested in furthering scientific discovery? We welcome dogs and cats of all breeds, ages, sizes, and colors to participate in our studies.

By enrolling in the Thinking Pets Den you’ll be alerted by email of open recruitment for our studies!

If you would like to enroll multiple pets, please complete one form for each pet.

Brown and white hound licks a tupperware bowl in our cognitive lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

All dogs and cats that participate in the program must have a current rabies vaccination.

Proof of vaccination is required for participation.

Pets that participate with our program get to enjoy a fun day of enrichment, treats, and toys. In some studies, free veterinary services are included as part of your pet’s participation.

More information on the benefits of each individual study will be noted in the recruitment process.

Directions can be found here: Maps- Veterinary Health and Wellness Center

We are located in the Veterinary Health and Wellness Center at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) in Raleigh, NC.

The Thinking Pets Program can be reached by email at