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Our publications span many topics of canine and feline research. The Comparative Behavioral Research lab studies behavior, cognition, neuroaging, olfaction, and pain management. Click the corresponding links to see our published research in these categories.

Explore what each one is all about, and then dive into the topic of your choice!

Our behavioral research analyzes anxiety, fears, emotional reactivity, and animal-caregiver interactions. Additionally, our cognition research assesses learning, memory, development, and sleep.

Our neuroaging research examines the decline in cognitive function that senior pets can experience. We evaluate many aspects of cognition, including hearing, attention, and vision. Olfaction research is closely linked to the study of cognitive function.

These are publications from both clinical and non-clinical trials. This branch of our research is focused on analyzing how pets experience pain and what methods we can use to manage pain. This includes chronic pain, differences in pain between breeds, and post-surgical pain.